Current Projects

Intercultural Neighborhood Kitchen (INK)

INK (Intercultural Neighborhood Kitchen) offers a multicultural meeting room and educational activities for youth, parents and families in local communities, to produce healthy food, build community ties and lead a circular food system. INK works together with InkaChef catering and food trucks to make healthy and delicious food from short-traveled ingredients in synergy with nature, and to create job opportunities for local young people.

I advise the project on its implementation, making the team stronger, working through conflicts and supporting short- and long-term project goals. I manage the budget and hours of team members, write project reports and coordinate the different types of activities.

Past Projects

I am happy to have worked with incredible partners in the past on different projects regarding sustainable urban development, youth involvement and climate change.

Green Project at BWHW

At the educational insitution in Hessen, Germany, I develeoped and implemented a green project that taught prospective vocational students about climate change, nature conservation and responsibility.

The green project focused specificallz on sustainability in corporate and professional environments. This included sharing awareness for supply chains, worker’s rights, and social sustainability. Together with different groups of upcoming vocational students, I discussed how sustainability is relevant in every single career, how climatejustice is important for different businesses, and how datacollection can help us develop useful career skills. 

Placemaking 4 Inclusion

PM4I is an Erasmus+ Youth funded project across six countries in Europe: Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Greece and Norway.

The purpose of the project Place Making 4 Inclusion – Reviving Active Citizenship For Reshaping The Societies (PM4I) is to empower youth work providers and youth organizations to ensure social inclusion of young people of diverse backgrounds in jointly shaping the local communities, by using the placemaking methodology and practices.

I developed and managed the youth ambassador program including 30 young people in Europe. Additionally, I implement the project activities locally in Oslo together with four engaged young community leaders.

Placemaking Ambassadors in Oslo

The Placemaking Ambassador network of the PM4I project connects young local leaders from six European countries and provides them with resources to become community leaders by using placemaking methodologies.

Clara vom Scheidt

Clara vom Scheidt has engaged in depth with topics such as social justice
and sustainability transitions, local implications of sustainability policies and stakeholder participation through her studies.

Clara is currently self-employed in Oslo with systemic coaching, horse-assisted coaching, and
workshops on emotional (co-)regulation on climate crisis and global concerns.

She is enthusiastic about being a place-making ambassador for Norway and ready to dive in and
spread the developed place-making methods.

Hanan Zaaj

My name is Hanan, I’m 18 years old and live in Norway. 

I am a healthcare worker full time. Part time I work with a project called Place making. I enjoy working with people and tasks that can challenge my creative mind.

Christina Tamang

My name is Christina Tamang, a Nepali citizen based in Oslo. I possess an interdisciplinary academic background, holding a master's degree in development, environment, and cultural change. I am passionate about our planet's well-being and empowering people. I am dedicated to creating a more inclusive world. I firmly believe that addressing global challenges requires an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach, fostering an inclusive space for diverse perspectives. Throughout my professional journey, which spans higher education consulting, mentorship, community engagement, and youth and women empowerment, I have gained valuable experience that I am thankful for. I look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on both our planet and society.

Johanne Heen Enger

In my studies I have explored the topics of sustainability transformations, the social challenges of climate change mitigation and changes in social practices. I have engaged in depth with local perspectives on climate change and sustainability, gaining a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges associated with making changes towards sustainability in everyday life. 
I am currently working as a climate advisor in Drammen kommune, where I among other things work on creating local engagement with practices related to a circular economy. Here, we promote repair, re-use, and recycling practices in the local population. 
I am looking forward to learn more about placemaking and create a positive impact on future sustainability.

Curious about Placemaking in Oslo?

Read our Placemaking Highlights in Oslo PDF, created by the PM4I local placemaking ambassadors.

Get insights into co-creation processes and find new spaces that can inspire sustainable urban development.

Summer activities for kids

Linderud gård is a museum, a park, meeting place and cultural gathering point in Oslo, especially for Groruddalen and the neighborhood at Linderud. In collaboration with several actors, Linderud nærmiljøhage has been established on a large plot of land on the farm, with cultivation, entrepreneurship and activities for the entire local environment.

Youth in a summer job invite to open days with activities for children in the local community garden. The young people gain experience with planning, inclusion, organization and impact measurement, they gain increased competence and familiarity with tools such as impact measurement.

I consulted this project in its youth activity, impact measurement plans and evaluation.

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