Placemaking 4 Inclusion

The partners of the PM4I project come from Belgium, Italy, Germany, Spain and Greece.

Youth for Exchange and Understanding

Youth for Exchange and Understanding works to promote peace, understanding and co-operation between the young people of the world, in a spirit of respect for human rights.

Sguardi Urbani

Sguardi Urbani is a group of city scholars with skills ranging from sociology, anthropology, semiotics to urban planning. Prone to the hybridization of knowledge and practices of urban intervention, they are all linked by the passion for Palermo.

Culture goes Europe

Since 2005, CGE Erfurt e.V. has implemented educational programs that place learners and communities as active agents of their learning processes

Through research, cooperation, and long-term engagement, they work with the spaces of social entrepreneurship, urban planning, climate action, migrant civic engagement, and more.


Applied research on the uses of emerging technologies and tools in all forms of E&T including design and development of knowledge awareness tools.

Urban Foxes

Urban Foxes is a multi-disciplinary placemaking collective based in Brussels, with team members all over the world, creating and facilitating innovative & inclusive projects, workshops and giving lectures in different countries.


Estel propose urban strategies to improve people's habitat,
incorporating citizen cooperation in the processes of reflection,
transformation or design of public space.


Bålprat is located in Bydel Bjerke in Oslo.

Bålprat is an umbrella organization of a group of engaged volunteers in Bjerke bydel who want to contribute in the creation of better conditions for the community development.  This work has the premises to work in close dialogue with the local government, other local community initiatives and companies with the objective to create social capital and sustainability.  
Bålprat wants to contribute and be part of the solution by giving content and life to these new spaces. 

Bålprat, through their project INK, believes that a common kitchen is the perfect place to build community bonds by having fun, and creating long-term and environmental sustainability by producing and eating healthy.  A common kitchen can lead to food system change and empower the local community to shape their local environment in a sustainable way, by adding value to raw products from local urban farming and systematizing waste management with community members’ involvement. 

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