My Approach to Environmental Consulting

Environmental Meets Social

At the very heart of my philosophy lies a deeply-rooted belief that environmental initiatives and social progress are inextricably linked. I firmly believe that to create an environmentally conscious and thriving future, we must embrace an approach that integrates the welfare of both our environments and our communities. This is my passion: for people and their boundless potential to shape a brighter tomorrow.

Collaboration and Inclusion

Drawing from my extensive experience in working with diverse communities, I design projects that address environmental concerns while promoting inclusivity and social equity by fostering collaboration and empathy. 

As a consultant, I retain a range of competencies that are essential for guiding organizations toward a greener, more responsible future. From project assessments and analyses to strategic planning and implementation, I can navigate complex processes of different organizational landscapes. My collaborative and down-to-earth approach will make the consulting process an enjoyable and efficient experience.


Particpatory Approaches

Through participatory approaches, we can create a stronger sense of ownership, responsibility and longevity of community projects. Especially in environmental areas, the ability to shape space and activities is central to people’s success in creating something that lasts. I enjoy adapting to community’s needs and skills to develop methods that strengthen already existing and new project ideas.

Young people play a pivotal role in shaping the world of tomorrow, and I recognize the significance of engaging young minds in environmental causes. Through interactive workshops and community-driven projects, I give space to youth to become environmentally conscious community leaders.


Meaningful Partnerships

As an approachable and open-minded person, I ensure a warm and inviting atmosphere for my partners. I can empower organizations and individuals in developing, executing and adapting environmentally conscious projects and ideas. Whether you are an organization that wants to align your projects with environmental and participatory practices or an individual that strives for a positive environmental impact, I can be a dedicated partner to support you in a transformative journey.



Working together with me means enhancing your project's impact, your envrionmental focus and your work efficiency. I can adjust my services to your needs and your budget.


When your project takes shape, I'm here to provide comprehensive support by setting values, goals, and budgets, devising schedules, and integrating sustainability and community-driven approaches. My adaptable strategies of project development ensure a tailored fit to your specific needs, ensuring efficiency and success. With meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, I'll help transform your vision into a project that embodies innovation, sustainability, and community engagement.


Navigating challenges within project work can prove to be challenging. I offer adept assistance in overcoming obstacles and constraints with a thoughtful approach that embraces the perspectives of all stakeholders. Whether it's fine-tuning specific implementations, optimizing project activities, enhancing team efficiency, fostering a culture of innovation, or promoting sustainable practices, my guidance is aligned with your project's objectives and your organization's core values.


Founding environmental and community-driven initiatives on substantiated research findings is vital to guarantee the efficacy, relevance, and triumph of your projects. I'm here to assist you in formulating fitting research methodologies, devising streamlined timelines, and executing research activities collaboratively with the involved communities. My approach encompasses both qualitative and quantitative research, ensuring a comprehensive understanding that strengthens the foundation of your projects.

Workshops & Talks

I am available to conduct informative talks and engaging workshops on various subjects including placemaking, co-creation, environmental strategies, team-building, and project development. These sessions can be meticulously customized to align with your budget, cater to your interests, and resonate with your audience. This avenue of short-term consultation can significantly bolster your team's cohesion, knowledge base, and overall efficacy in their project undertakings.

"Working together with Annabel has helped us extend the local and international impact of our projects. Her proficient, efficient and professional expertise extends beyond system transformation and organization to planning that prioritizes community well-being, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability."

Jorge Balarezo, Bålprat

Top middle photo: Petra Löw

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